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There is no better way to learn day trading than watching an expert

  • Live-Stream Trading
    You will see how to read price charts, recognize chart patterns and identify profitable trade setups - in a live session conducted by an expert trader
  • Exclusive Training Sessions
    You will learn you need to know to be an informed day trader. From basic market concepts to more advanced topics, such as technical analysis.
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    The ultimate goal of this masterclass is to show you step-by-step how to earn money as a day trader
The Complete Day Trading Course
Become a Day Trader
Learn the Skills And Earn Profits!
Of novice traders who lack proper education and skills, lose money.

You will start the masterclass as a beginner, and leave with everything you need to know about trading.

This intensive 1-hour webinar will give you the necessary knowledge, skills and tools that will actually make you a day trader.

The ultimate goal of this masterclass is to show you step-by-step how to earn money as a day trader.

Of traders who watched this masterclass increased their profitability within the first 6 months.

Watch in real-time how Alex Sovpel navigates the markets every day.

What you will learn:

  • How to read candlestick charts
  • How to identify profitable trade setups
  • How to select profitable markets
  • How to identify market trends
  • How to use technical indicators
The Complete Day Trading Course
Become a Day Trader
Learn the Skills and Earn Profits!
  • Get Rich by Day Trading

    Learn what trading is and how the mechanics of profiting from price change works.

    Learn what types of tradable assets exist and how to select the most profitable ones for day trading.

  • Read price charts

    Learn how to read the candlestick chart, what is a trend and how to identify trends using pivot areas, chart patterns, and technical indicators.

    Get shown in detail how to find profitable trade setups and signals based on chart analysis.

  • The Art and Science of Technical Analysis

    Learn how to identify trends and forecast the direction of future price changes using the most popular technical analysis tools.

    Watch in real-time how to analyze the Bitcoin chart using trend channels, technical indicators, support and resistance levels, and regression channels.

  • Live-Stream Trading

    Watch in real-time as Alex applies trend-following and price-action strategies to identify profitable trade setups in real-time.

    By the end of the webinar, you will have a complete trading strategy and a risk-management system, and be able to begin your career as a day trader.

“You will be with me and you will see all aspects of my trading system from the inside”
- Alex Sovpel
Start Your Trading Career the Right Way.
Learn from an Expert.
What Will You Receive?
1. Valuable Skills and Insights
You will learn the most popular tips, tricks and market-leading ideas that are being used by all successful day traders - in a live session conducted by an expert trader.
2. four Premium E-Books in PDFs
Trading course, which includes 4 premium e-books, was designed by the Monfex Trading Academy to help new and experienced traders maximize their trading skills and profits
3. Certificate of Completion
A beautifully designed certificate, issued by the Monfex Trading Academy, certifying that you’ve completed this trading masterclass.
All this is yours. absolutely FREE.
Limited to 100 seats!

After Watching The Webinar You Will Know

  • How to Read Price Charts
  • How to Identify Trends
  • How to Apply Technical Indicators
  • How to Find Profitable Trade Setups
The Masterclass Will Be Conducted By
Alex Sovpel
Professional Financial Analyst & Trader

“I believe each person’s ability to earn money is fundamental to a happy life.

My ambition is to empower people to improve their lives through financial freedom.”

- Alex Sovpel
Key Facts about Alex:
  • Skills:
    Market Research, Technical Analysis, Trading Strategies, Risk Management
  • Experience:
    10 Years of Professional Experience in Finance and Investing
  • Style:
    Active Investment Management
  • Markets:
    Stocks, Forex and Cryptocurrencies
Years Of Professional Experience In
Finance, Investing And Day Trading
All this is yours. absolutely FREE.
Limited to 100 seats!


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